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Scribus logoAny hardcore Wikipediafag like myself will know of their preferred vector format, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic). Thankfully for me and my contribution-o-meter, these are few and far between, since few can be bothered to find and utilize the tools necessary to make them in the first place.

So, for a long time now, I have been using Brands of the World, a site dedicated to getting vector logos. Unfortunately for me and my laziness, these always seem to come in EPS. For a long time now, I have used the method outlined at Gimparoo, but this has limited me to logos that are one-colour. This presents a problem for more complicated logo conversions, and now I have found the solution.

There’s a program called Scribus, an multi-platform, open-source desktop publisher that does the job, and does it efficiently. Just open an EPS, let it save the converted file into it’s native format, and export as SVG. This has a number of bonuses over the manual method, not least the colour conversion, but also the lesser file size and accuracy. So there we have it, my job made easier once again.